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What is the Cause of dust in Improper Operation of Heavy-Duty Vibrating Screen?

Apr. 29 , 2020

As a Mining High Frequency Screen Supplier, share with you. The vibrating screen is a device that relies on a vibrator to move under the impulse of the motor. It is mainly used for screening or vibrating materials. When the heavy-duty vibrating screen is in operation, the vibration intensity is stronger than other types of vibrating screens, so the materials can be screened easily and quickly during the material screening process. However, if it is improperly operated during use, it is easy to have dust flying phenomenon. The correct operation of heavy-duty vibrating screen is the key that cannot be ignored. So what are the operating points of heavy-duty vibrating screen?

Polyurethane Tension Screens

Polyurethane Tension Screens

1. Close the power switch and run for 30 minutes with no operation. Generally, the motor should run counterclockwise. If the direction is wrong, adjust the three-phase power supply.

2. It should be confirmed that the vibration motor is running within the rated current. At the beginning of operation, especially at low temperature, the current will be slightly higher; within 30 minutes, it should be reduced to the rated current value.

3. Abnormal noise must not occur on the screen machine. If abnormal noise occurs, it should be shut down quickly for inspection. The occurrence of abnormal noise is generally caused by the loosening of the fastening part. Especially when it is assembled after transportation and disassembly, it is necessary to pay great attention to the fastening of each part. The screen machine has a momentary resonance zone when starting and stopping. At this time, the amplitude and noise will increase significantly, which is normal.

4. After idling, a small amount of material can enter the sieve machine through the feed port, and then slowly increase to the required and tolerable amount of feed. At this time, the weight should be adjusted according to the net surface discharge. , So that the efficiency of the screen machine reaches a better state.

5. The general materials of this series of sieving machines can meet the screening requirements without being equipped with a bouncing ball device. Special materials need to be equipped with a bouncing ball device for additional design and installation. At this time, the no-load noise will increase.

For different application fields, the used vibrating screens are different. Some vibrating screens are used in the screening of some wet materials, and some can be used in the screening of powders. In fact, no matter what type of vibrating sieve is used, the sieve body should be cleaned, so that the effectiveness of the vibrating sieve can be better exerted to reduce the pollution of other materials to this type of material.

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