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How to Install Polyurethane Screen Plate?

Apr. 29 , 2020

As a Mining High Frequency Screen Factory, share with you. According to the structure of polyurethane screen plate, it is divided into four types: inlaid bolt connection, pressure bar connection, screen hook connection.

For example, the bead connection type: please put the sieve plate on the sieve surface, and then install it according to the support beam structure of the sieve. Generally, on both sides of the screen machine, the upper layer of the sieve plate should be drilled with a U-shaped long iron plate with a suitable width along the cutting direction at a suitable distance, and then bolted to the bottom support beam to tighten the sieve plate. Fixed in the middle. The support beam and the contact surface of the long iron plate and the sieve plate are lined with rubber strips. Above the support beam in the middle of the sieve can also be installed in this way.

Urethane Screen Mesh

Urethane Screen Mesh

If the screen plate is not installed as required, it may be shaken up and down on the screen surface, and a long-term friction collision with the steel support beam will seriously affect the service life of the screen plate.

1. Specification:

(1). The standard type in the table is a common product, and its screening efficiency and service life are moderate; the efficiency type efficiency is slightly higher and the life is slightly lower; the life type efficiency is slightly lower and the life is higher.

(2). The screen size in the table generally refers to square hole, polyurethane screen.

2. Product features:

(1). The horizontal and vertical strips of the screen are made of highly wear-resistant polyurethane material, and the strips contain steel wires. The service life is 3-10 times higher than the traditional metal screen.

(2). Unique structure, suitable elasticity and plastic force, can not only reduce jamming, but also reduce sticking due to high frequency vibration of the second harmonic of the screen strip. High practical opening rate and high screening efficiency.

(3). There are elastic tensioning hooks on both sides of the screen, the overall weight is light, the flexibility is good, the transportation and storage are easy, and the installation and disassembly are convenient.

(4). The screen can effectively absorb impact, reduce noise and improve working environment.

3. Product use:

Metallurgy (iron ore, limestone, fluorite, cooling blast furnace slag, coke and other raw materials), non-ferrous, yellow, coal, chemical, building materials and hydropower engineering, abrasive waste treatment, quarrying and other materials washing and screening , Classification and other industries.

The new structure mode sieve plate of various format specifications and sieve hole size is especially suitable for occasions with strong impact, high hardness and high wear resistance. Wear-resistant sieve plates for fine crushing and screening in iron ore, raw coal grading, gold, building materials, and sand and gravel for hydropower and nuclear power engineering.

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